Need desperately to get back to blogging, but I can’t be bothered to use the web interface to do so, so I’m trying out Ecto to see if that will make the process a little less irritating. Fingers crossed.

Discovered, while putting music together for a show, that one of my go-to artists is Dean Martin. Also, discovered that I tend to go to him when I’m looking for something a little hokey. This makes me feel slightly bad, as I really like Dean Martin! What, exactly, does this say about me?


I’m sure you’ve been wondering what’s been up with the lack of updates recently. One answer is the fact that I’m in the process of getting my new and soon to be official website, It’s still deeply in development, but tonight the moving-in process has begun with the relocation of this blog. You’ll be able to find my all-new adventures at:

Change your bookmarks, mind the construction zones, and keep an eye out for bigger and better things as 2007 rolls on!

It would make my day if they pulled the camera back to reveal this was being performed entirely by mimes.

Now I will never be able to take Jean-Claude van Damme seriously again. Wait a minute…right, not a problem.

(Sorry for the lag in posting. Many exciting things happening, including a possible hosting move. Watch this space!)

So Burning Crusade went live tonight at midnight, and I’ll admit it – I was through the Portal as fast as I could get on (which took close to an hour between installing and patching!). More about the launch event and some proper screen shots later, but for the moment, here’s Dey standing on the Stair of Destiny and praying she doesn’t have to try to run by the big fiend at the bottom:

Welcome to Outland!

11 hours and counting to the launch of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. My 58 Night Elf Hunter is sitting mounted at Nethergarde Keep, ready to race to the Dark Portal the moment the installer finishes. (Not quite brave enough to actually camp at the portal. There are scary enough things hanging out there now…who knows what will happen when the expansion goes live?) Will post a picture of Deyna in Outland as soon as possible… 🙂

AppleTV? iPhone? Draft-n router? John Mayer? *pbfffft*

2 hours of keynote, not one shipping product, no mention of Leopard and no new/upgraded Macs. A lot of people’s Keynote Bingo cards got busted this morning. On the plus side, I’m saving a few bucks…unless, of course, the ModBook is legit. We’ll see in about 3 hours…