December 2006

Not that there haven’t been bizarre incidents in American sports over the past year, but I think Italy may have won the insane sporting story award for 2006 with the delivery of a severed goat head to a soccer GM as a Christmas present. No funny comments on this one, folks…the story wins.


Since I’ve fallen across this one (thanks to Cliff Johnson, brain-twisting author of The Fool’s Errand, who’s now grinding through the final stages of bugfixing on it’s sequel, The Fool And His Money, the game I’m most excited for in 2007! Jesus, enough commas? -ed.), I must now share the pain with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, I can’t find this one on YouTube, so the joy and the horror will be reserved for those brave enough to click.

Darn it! Now I want a Wii *and* a Roomba…

(Slowly spinning back up to blogging speed after the long absence…be patient!)

Make it stop

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Cute penguin aside, how was anyone at a children’s publishing company ok with anything called a “Touch and Feel Adventure”, much less one with the title “Where’s My Mommy”?

I quit.

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There is no possible way for this to not damage my mental health.

Knitting spreads like the pinkeye

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My mother has just started her own “Hurry Up Spring” armwarmers…they’re pictured next to one of my finished ones for comparison. I’m even more excited to see hers come up than I was for mine! (Did I mention she did this all in one night, and on her first try?)

Christmas has validated itself…it is snowing in the Twin Tiers. Photo to come (after I put on pants).

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