July 2006

Finally just heard that James Blunt “Beautiful” song that everyone’s been talking about (live even…I love BBC America!).  And on behalf of music snobs everywhere, I’d like to tender the sincerest of apologies to Ms. Britney Spears.  Apparently, it can get worse.


Thanks to the power of Netflix, I am about to embark on a terrifying journey…I shall attempt to use as background noise (doubt that I have the brain cells to lose to actually focus on them) the extended editions of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Hopefully, this will knock some Othello themes loose before it knocks my brain loose from its moorings.  If I don’t survive, I’ll miss you all…

Sometimes, it hurts when Warren Ellis is right.

At this moment, there is a murder of crows in the back yard.  I’ve counted fifteen so far, and they keep darting in and out of the bushes, so it could be more.  There’s also a finch, but I’m guessing that’s just a coincidence.  I do think, however, that the word about the birdfeeders is getting out.

No, I’m not making this up. Unfortunately, since I don’t serve my own pages I can’t test this, but the Sunlight Foundation has created an Ajax widget that can pop up a miniature info window for any member of Congress you find yourself tossing into your page, complete with campaign finance profile and voting record…no, seriously, look for yourself. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. (via Warren Ellis)

The creators of Les Miserables and the the producers of Riverdance are collaborating on The Pirate Queen, “an epic musical adventure celebrating the legendary Irish Chieftain Grace O’Malley.” I can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong with this project.</sarcasm>

In a desperate attempt to remain media-worthy, Lance Bass of ‘N Sync has revealed that he is gay. The news was greeted with tears from ‘N Sync’s legion of underaged female fans, and a resounding “Yes, and…?” from the rest of the world.

All kidding aside, I’m understanding of (and a little saddened by) his reasoning for keeping his sexuality under wraps – to keep the story from overwhelming the group. But doesn’t this smack of media-management just as much as the rest of their careers have? And is it just me, or is there something inherently wrong with this statement?

Lance Bass, band member of ‘N Sync, says he’s gay and in a “very stable” relationship with a reality show star.

Only in America, folks…

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