March 2006

I am back in Virginia. I have forgotten whether “W” comes before or after “V” in the alphabet. Sleeping is for wimps. 🙂


8 AM here in the lovely, rainy Bronx. Blah. Gray and cold. Just did the old 3 o’clock train again, so I’m running on my usual four hours’ sleep, but it’s just not worth trying to pass out for two hours, waking up dazed, having to take a shower to control the hair-from-hell, and sprinting down to Brooklyn (after a quick trip to Staples to pick up everything I forgot…d’oh!). Yeah, I’d rather be really tired and in control than kinda tired and rushed. None of which explains why I’m sitting in the kitchen at the moment. But everyone’s asleep. And this is closest to the orange juice. (It took me three tries to type “orange”. And two for “tries”. Feckin’ mornings.)

Fun little linkies:

Pinky and the Brain – Wikiquote. Includes the complete Pondering List, from “…but where are we going to find rubber pants our size?” to “…but why would anyone want to Pierce Brosnan?”. Joy.’s L Word recaps. For us Showtime-deprived folks.

Edison speaks on social networking. From the great, unholy Warren Ellis, author of Transmetropolitan, Desolation Jones, and so many wonderful and disturbing things that one mind should not be able to contact all of them and remain sane.

Molly of Molly Saves The Day has made a fascinating statement on the recent South Dakota abortion controversy – she has posted a detailed article on the techniques of performing a D&C. The ensuing discussion, both pro and con have been eye-opening to say the least…it’s amazing to see how far we haven’t come. Please, please read, think, discuss and share.

Today’s Washington Post has reviewed the Ford’s Theatre production of Shenandoah, which opened Wednesday night and features the delightful Anna Marie Sell in the dual roles of “Woman in the blue dress” and “Woman in the plaid dress”… 🙂 The reviewer certainly did a capable job, but entirely neglected the significance of fruit-topped pancakes to the success off the production, which seemed to be the most important facet during my Sunday night preview experience. Or maybe that’s just because Anna Marie+IHOP=joy…in either case, congratulations to the cast and crew of Shennandoah, and here’s to a successful run!

There have been the beginnings of two or three political/social rants here, but I just don’t have the energy right now. Grinding headache through most of the day and a 5 AM train tomorrow are kinda sapping my will to focus. Been having issues with wpa_supplicant dropping connections after 3-5 minutes, so haven’t been able to do much playing with my Linuxen today, although I’m mostly waiting for a couple of packages to land for ppc in Dapper, and for OpenSUSE 10.1 to go final (or at least RC). Finally some job postings coming along, but nothing I can take…*sigh* Tempted to go see a preview of Lestat next week, just to see if I can actually make my brain shut itself off. And now, I shall pack for the train and fall over.

Found while early-morning surfing:

Spamalot is planning to set the Guinness world record for largest coconut orchestra this afternoon (Wednesday) in Shubert Alley…if you’ve ever wanted to bang two halves of coconut together for the glory of posterity, here’s the info. reads like The Onion, but with more “L Word” jokes. Here’s an excerpt from my favorite article, George Michael Arrested For Making Gays Look Bad:

“George Michael represents everything we’re against as a community, and make it that much harder for us to be accepted by society”, says Pinkerton. “His drug problem, anti-monogamy statements, lewd sexual behavior, and insistence on sporting bad sunglasses and stubble everywhere he goes reinforce all the worst stereotypes about gay men and gay relationships.”

And, says Pinkerton, “he criticized Elton John!”

And just because the site’s so funny, one more for all the folks back in VA…Virginia Bans Names that Promote Homosexual Agenda.

Posted from Firefox-BonEcho2.0a1…still frighteningly stable for an alpha.

According to the New York Times, an inquiry has found that it was not a violation of military policy to pay Iraqi newspapers to print articles written by American troops. I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising, but how is it a stepping stone towards a free Iraq for the occupying force to subvert the media? Here’s the article, tell me if I’m overreacting.

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