Found while early-morning surfing:

Spamalot is planning to set the Guinness world record for largest coconut orchestra this afternoon (Wednesday) in Shubert Alley…if you’ve ever wanted to bang two halves of coconut together for the glory of posterity, here’s the info. reads like The Onion, but with more “L Word” jokes. Here’s an excerpt from my favorite article, George Michael Arrested For Making Gays Look Bad:

“George Michael represents everything we’re against as a community, and make it that much harder for us to be accepted by society”, says Pinkerton. “His drug problem, anti-monogamy statements, lewd sexual behavior, and insistence on sporting bad sunglasses and stubble everywhere he goes reinforce all the worst stereotypes about gay men and gay relationships.”

And, says Pinkerton, “he criticized Elton John!”

And just because the site’s so funny, one more for all the folks back in VA…Virginia Bans Names that Promote Homosexual Agenda.

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