Watching (and re-watching, I’m mildly obsessed) Russian fantasy/horror film Night Watch, and was struck by a section of the director’s commentary. He mentioned that this was the first Russian fantasy epic movie, which made me think about just how radically their film industry must have changed since the end of the Communist era…which then made me wonder about the nature of the Treaty between the Light and the Dark (both sides eternally in balance and policing each other), and if the author intended to refer to the Cold War or if it’s such a part of Russian culture that it just pervades the literature. Or if I’m overreading a story of good and evil. (Either way, go and rent the film. And make sure you navigate Fox’s awfully packaged DVD properly, put in the back side and watch it in Russian, with the artistically integrated subtitling, the way it was actually released in the States and meant to be seen. Boo and boo again to Fox. Keep these peculiarly, delightfully Russian films Russian!)