Heading down to Virginia tomorrow, and then into rehearsal, so I’ll be a bit blog-light for a while. A few little items to tide you over:

This is pretty fascinating. A young woman in Nebraska was jailed for a week when she was mistaken for someone who was an uncanny physical match.

I forgot how funny this one was. Comedy Central has released a DVD collection of the short-lived political sitcom That’s My Bush. From the Guard Bear to Princess’s misreading of “mammary enhancer” to the episode with Jack Kevorkian, an aging cat and the Punanee Indians (you have to see it to believe it), this show was a spot-on sitcom parody. It was unfortunately too expensive to survive, but damn, it was funny!

Finally – this report on David Lynch’s somewhat unorthodox promotional event for his new film was found on Defamer.

David Lynch RIGHT NOW is sitting on the corner of Hollywood and La Brea with a cow on a leash and a picture of Laura Dern that says For Your Consideration. He also has a sign that says “without cows there would be no cheese in the Inland Empire”. This is one of those things that a person needs to see. I wish I wasn’t chained to a desk.

Says it all, doesn’t it? Until I return, be well, be brilliant, and be wary of Kevin Federline. I hear he’s on the prowl again.