A little too sleepy to analyze this election night, so no more politics ’til tomorrow. (I’m sure you’re crushed.) In the interim, a few amusing items.

Talk about going green – apparently the DVD of An Inconvenient Truth is arriving in a plantable mailer.

Ok, I lied. A little politics. As the election results are falling out, Nancy Pelosi is poised to reach the highest rung of the succession ladder any woman has reached. As Speaker of the House, she will be second in line behind the VP. *Insert obligatory Hillary Clinton comment here, I’ll let it pass.*

Speaking of whom, I got to listen to a bit of Hillary’s speech tonight, and actually enjoyed the heck out of it. She still scares me, though.

Finally, and certainly not worksafe-ly, I tripped across this really kind of indescribable open letter to Courtney Love. I’ll leave this excerpt…let it be an indicator of how much you’ll appreciate the rest.

You remind me of Gypsy, my first real girlfriend, the reason why I came to Minnesota in the first place. She bitched me out for not being punk rock enough even though I argued with her and told her that being black was enough to get the unwanted attentions of my fellow man. She ended up finding out that she was part Oglala Sioux, got married, had a kid, and is now pursuing her doctorate somewhere in Massachusetts, with FUCK YOU still tattooed on the side of her head.