Watching the process today has been pretty fascinating, as technology creates more ways for us to follow election coverage, even as the media is stepping back from early predictions and exit polls. Props especially to CNN, who has done an excellent job with their election site for mobile devices. It’s pretty excellent to have the ability to check any race, in any state, on the Treo by only using the number keys. I’d also like to give a hand to MSNBC’s politics bloggy-thingy First Read, which I feel mildly embarassed to not have found before. I’ll throw in this excerpt:

Tom Delay offered the Republicans an early evening recommendation that could make a bad election outcome worse – or even catastrophic.

He invented this wonderful phrase “lame duck majority,” in effect conceding defeat before anyone could announce it and while the polls were still open. His strategy, which has contributed so much to bringing the Republicans to this night, is obliviously to stick a thumb in the eyes of the voters if the Democrats prevail, marshal the defeated ranks of the Republican Congress and force through more of the policies that America has just repudiated.

It is not just anti-democratic, but potentially disastrous for Republicans who do have to live with the results of this election – even if they got around the results in 2000. There is no prospect that the surviving Republicans will go along with a scheme to make Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy permanent or privatize social security.

Midterms may not be the Super Bowl of politics, but they’re sure fun to watch.