Watching CNN this morning before heading in to vote, which may have actually been a bad idea, as I’m feeling less hopeful about the Democratic Party the more they let Howard Dean speak…I find it amusing that the man who ran as an “outsider” candidate for President sounds like yet another Washington insider, having to be reminded by the interviewer that he never answered the questions asked.

I’m also taking one last pass through the New York races, and trying to figure out exactly what Elliot Spitzer believes in. I’m waiting for the candidate who bypasses “we need a plan to…” and just gives us a plan. Ah well.

Ok, somebody (I can’t remember who) was looking for this Republicans for Voldemort shirt. Now you’ve found it!

Diesel Sweeties takes a swipe at the electronic voting machine flap. Since New York has continued to drag its feet on the whole matter, however, I still get to go flip levers today.

At this moment, CNN has gotten off of politics to discuss “procreation vacations”, which means it’s about time for me to check out. Whatever your beliefs happen to be, though, please vote…no matter how ridiculous the world of politics becomes, it’s still our responsibility to stay involved. (Or forfeit complaining for another four years!)