Forgive the overly long entry, but this is too good not to share. I shall now quote from the manual to the Buck Rogers™ PLANET OF ZOOM™ arcade game:

Flying skills and targeting accuracy must be honed to a fine edge, as you take command of Earth’s last remaining hope of defense. Responsive 8-way joystick in hand, excitement is the name of the game as the Buck Rogers in all of us pilots a remote controlled spaceship through the PLANET OF ZOOM™.

In the 25th century, Buck Rogers is confronted by a wicked warrior-world . . . the Planet of Zoom. It is a gargantuan out-of-orbit world that devestates everything in its path, and is ruled by an evil source ship. Buck Rogers mission: To destroy the source ship and liberate the Planet of Zoom before it reaches Earth.

Equipped with single-shot or rapid fire neutron cannon, and 2 level (upright) or 4 level (cockpit) speed control, you race your ship into and through heavily armed channels, through formidable smasher tunnels and around the towering spires of the cosmic city. You bank, dive and climb in pursuit of bizarre alien ships and ground forces to reach the climactic scene and primary target, the all powerful enemy source ship.

Fantastic game play graphics, great stereo sound effects, intense action and unique player controls makes this versatile one or two player video game as super as the Buck Rogers hero it is named for. With 3 to 6 extra ships (operater selectable) your score mounts and rounds proceed until the loss of the last player ship.
(©1983 SEGA)

“…as super as the Buck Rogers hero it is named for.” At first, I was simply entertained by what read like a mistranslation. Then, reading through the rest of the manual with pretty solid idiomatic English, I began, with dawning horror, to wonder if it had really just been written that way.

On the other hand, I’m very glad to find that there is, indeed, a Buck Rogers inside of me. This may explain my primal urge to kick it, 25th century style…