Shrek – EPA – Roles of Shrek and Donkey – Tara Rubin Casting

If you’re ever, in the future, wondering when musical theatre officially became a punchline, that date is the day that someone decided Shrek – The Musical (or will it just be “Shrek!“?) was a good idea.

And while we’re here, I’d like to point out that Americans have once more proved how meaningful voting is to us, and how much we value our diversity in this great melting pot of ours. A great patriot of a hacker just exercised his right to free speech by adding such statements as “You may not be a homosexual” and “Your grandfather must have voted” to the list of voter qualifications in DuPage County, Illinois. Here’s the article from CNET. Way to go, human race.

Can I just take a mulligan on today?