Lots of good news/bad news going on in this little post! Good news is that my laptop is back from its exile to the repair facility, and has come back good as new. The bad part of that is that’s it’s really, really “as new”…I think the only original parts left may be the monitor and case. New logic board, which I’m guessing also means new video card, processor and RAM…and a new hard drive. Got a recent enough backup that I’m not screwed, but some of it’s corrupt, and some missed the backup window, as I hurried it into the shop. Basics are up and running, and I’m hearing less fan and feeling less heat than before the repair, but it’ll take a few days before I get everything reinstalled and figure out what’s missing.

Then again, not everything. Since I got a new, reformatted OS X disk, and because I was worried about getting everything up quickly, I didn’t repartition for Linux this time around. So until I get dual-booting set up from the external HD, there’ll be no Linuxen rolling around on this laptop. Which, considering that Linux still has a way to go with power/fan management on the PowerBooks, will probably help Sophie (yes, that is her name!) to live a little longer, which she’s gonna need to.

Went in as an electrician for a load-in yesterday, and the good news is that even though it’s been years, I remember it all. Unfortunately, I only remembered what I knew, which didn’t include tying in to local power or how to side-hang quickly, and my upper body strength sure isn’t what it was when I did this every day! Still, it was nice to go in for a bit…and even nicer to find out they didn’t need me today, so my calves and shoulders can recover from yesterday!

So that’s where things stand, halfway through October. I’m getting ready to gear up for Sanders Family Christmas, getting my business organized for the winter, and trying to stay relaxed. Did buy myself one treat – a last-row ticket for the first preview of Company on October 30. Couldn’t hurt, while getting ready to go do a musician/actor show, to go watch one! And that is all for th’ moment.