Who says that board games are dead? Secret Doors Game Studio has created Cobras in the Cockpit, a game perhaps slightly reminiscent of a killer popcorn movie from the summer with a similar title. Check out the summary:

There are 4 types of snakes: Cobras, Rattlesnakes, Kingsnakes, and Pythons, each one having special abilities that make them unique. Each player chooses a breed of snake to play and then moves their snakes through the plane, trying to scare the passengers and crew. When all sections of the plane have been thrown into chaos, the game is over and the snakes with the most points win.

Beware of the Bad Mother F$%#@! and the Air Marshall! Spook people with snakes on a plate and snakes in the head! But don’t forget that snakes don’t plan good and snakes can barely see!

Now that, my friends, is art.