Is there some alarm normal people have that tells them not to run the Mel Gibson arrest transcript through Gizoogle?


I then formed tha opinion Gibson was intoxicated n had been rollin` (unreadizzles of 23152 (unreadizzle driznunk mobbin’.

Gibson was cooperative wit tha field investizzles now motherfuckers lemme here ya say hoe. His conduct began ta change W-H-to-tha-izzen I advised him he was being detained/arrested fo` drunk dippin’ thats off tha hook yo. Gibson became increasingly belligizzles as he took stock of his predicizzles fo’ real. Gibson angrily stated “Everyth’n’s (profanity redacted),” “My life is (profanity redacted).” Gibson became fixated on his notoriety n concern thizzat this incident was going ta be publicized bitch ass nigga.

Most amusing to me is that the Gizoogle filter adds massive amounts of profanity, yet has no idea how to deal with “profanity redacted”…