…while starting to take advantage of all of the other toys on the Interwub! Added a little Flickr widget on the sidebar there, to take advantage of the cameraphone/picture mail option. Tried ruffcode’s WordPress Widget, but wasn’t interested in diving into the Dashboard to post. (Does anyone else out there miss the old Desk Accessories? Widgets just ain’t the same.) But no Myspace? I suppose, in this one little way, I’m a tech Neanderthal. (Ok, two ways…software samplers piss me off. I want boxes and buttons, and things to tweak!) That doesn’t mean, however, that there won’t continue to be changes around here, or that I won’t (cautiously!) continue to expand out into the Wired. Especially if I can find an affordable, solid Linux-based web host in the near future… 🙂

Coming in the near, near future:

WWDC predictions…Treo 700p, one month later…Othello composer’s diary…perhaps, more pictures of cats…