Ok, hoping this one doesn’t come back to bite me, but…having been driven more and more insane reading reviews and forums and finding no concrete answers, I decided to just buy a headset that had all of the features I was looking for, and wait for Palm to fix my Treo’s balky Bluetooth. So, received today my Cardo Scala 500, and when it works, it’s brilliant. Comfortable, light, doesn’t actually stick anything in my ear, good sound, wind-nullifying, rings …but whenever the Bluetooth connecting is interrupted, either by the phone going out of range or something else using the connection (sync-ing via BT), the connection doesn’t reestablish. The pairing isn’t lost, but I either have to cycle BT off and on or soft reset the phone to get it working again. Not insurmountable, but annoying. Hope Palm gets a fix for this out sooner rather than later.

On the plus side, got to see the Prairie Home Companion movie this evening, which I found delightful and very, very sad. As much as it is our old adage, the show doesn’t really get to go on, does it?

And on that uplifting note, sleep.