Yes, Interwub, I’m sure you’ve all heard of this weeks if not months before me…but I thought this was too neat to not mention. A gentleman named Kyle MacDonald was attempting to, through a series of trades, start with one red paperclip and end up with a house. I say was because, apparently, he’s succeeded. (Just had to pull out the dictionary, because that word just didn’t look right.

In culinary news, it appears to have been a bad idea to cook the last of the vegetarian bacon in the same pan the spicy beef was made in. Not in a mixing-meat-and-non sort of way, mind you…more in a smoky-burny-spotty kind of way. But actually, it doesn’t taste half bad. And judging from the residue left in the pan, I may have created a new chemical compound.

So, a fairly usual afternoon, all things considered. I shall now watch Doctor Who.