It seemed like such a great idea at first blush – Fox Searchlight would bring to the US Timur Bekmambetov’s sci-fi/horror epic “Night Watch”, and its forthcoming sequels. It even seemed like a good idea sitting in the movie theater. “Night Watch” was sharp as hell, self-aware, and miles better than the overly slick American films (Underworld, The Matrix) that it will unfortunately be lumped in with. The DVD edition, however, manages to miss the mark entirely. Not only does the disc default to a disappointing English dub, but the original Russian version (thankfully, with its brilliantly expressive subtitles, flowing and melting with the action, intact) isn’t even on the A-side – instead, it’s relegated to the (unlabeled!) second side of the disc. The second part of the trilogy has already been filmed and released in Russia, but there are terriflying rumors that the final installment, as a result of the Fox investment, will be filmed in the States, in English. Looking at the way this DVD has been mis-managed, I’m going to start lowering my expectations now.