Finally pulled into town about 3am, and (of course) immediately hit traffic, backed up about halfway up the bridge…got into the Bronx only to find that my supposedly 24-hour parking garage is (of course) gated and locked. Cruised around looking for parking, and found a spot that I could sit in until 7:00…so now I get to head out around 6:30 and pray the garage is open. As a consequence, I am now sitting on my kitchen floor eating breakfast and blogging. There’s no point in trying to sleep – in the state I’m in, it’d be instant coma, and I’d wake up in the afternoon needing to track down my car, which would certainly have been towed by then, with the luck I’m having tonight. Not happy at all with the way this last trip back to NYC is starting. Thankfully, I can at least unplug the toaster to plug in my laptop.

Exactly why didn’t I stay in Middletown, again?