Wow, it has been a while!  The blogging pace will improve shortly, I'm sure…but a few quick notes to catch up to the present.
First off, I'm writing this from the latest version of BonEcho (Firefox 2.0a2), and this may actually replace Safari.  Not only is it (again) feeling more stable than any alpha has a right to, it's also the only browser I have that can display all of the little buttons here, including the sorely missed source editor! (Not exactly true, the SVN builds of WebKit/Safari can, but this I don't have to run from the command line…)

On the software front, it's also been an OS-installing week, with both the expected OpenSUSE 10.1 Final and the unexpected Kubuntu Flight-7, which is in theory the last release before the 6.06 RC.  Both have been nicely, happily stable so far, which means it's about time to mess with them.  For Kubuntu, that's going to be hacking on knetworkmanager and trying to figure out why it doesn't like to connect to a WPA network with my bcm43xx-based card (has to be in network-manager somewhere, since I can connect properly by running wpa_supplicant from the command line).  OpenSUSE is also getting bcm43xx-related tweaking, I'm going to try and build a 2.6.17rc4 kernel, and see how the current work on the driver is going.  May also try and get network-manager building from CVS again, and see if that fixes some of the wireless issues.

(Editorial – while looking up a bug in n-m, I discovered that there is a small program to create a password-locked file called Gringotts…*giggles*)

Looking very forward (although it's still another 6-8 months in the future) to moving over to an x86 Mac…while it's not quite that I feel like a second-class citizen on Linux/ppc, there are a lot of things that don't have PowerPC versions/don't work on ppc.  *grumble*Flash*grumble grumble*

Will have Once On This Island related stuff, pics, reviews, etc. up soon, but for the moment, just know that it's up and running and people seem to be liking it so far…but right now, my brain is locked into getting back into the Wayside game.  (Ok, that and the Baby Rap…but that's just 'cause it makes my brain hurt.  Why doesn't GarageBand loop cleanly?  Why?  I don't wanna use Logic for this thing!)  I have missed you guys, and even with all the traveling *grumble grumble* I'm thrilled to be getting back.

To bed now, but I shall leave you with some fun from the delightful A Softer World.