Nothing massive to report from today, but things are moving forward on all fronts. Ready for rehearsal tomorrow (10 AM, yay…must remember to stop for water bottle before morning session. Yep, that’s the thrilling stuff this post will be made of.) Also took care of programming charts for the keyboards, which is going to be a little bit bigger task than I thought. Luckily it can be started Monday. (Woo!)

Developing a minor obsession with apples. No, not the big A kind, which are now strangely running this thing called Windows…I mean the little, red and yummy kind, which I’m trying to train myself into reach for instead of heading to the store for snacks. My body is very confused.

Now about to do my taxes. Yup. Oh, and I filed for unemployment, which felt slightly odd. But if it means I can afford to eat for the next 5 1/2 weeks, I’ll probably get over it. 🙂