Quite surprised to find this morning that the DVD player will not put a picture on the television unless it’s plugged into the television. Clearly, I am posessed of a brilliant technical mind.

Today’s funny comes from Fosfor Gadgets – the top 10 weirdest keyboards ever. I’ve always felt the need for a decorative, washable keyboard, but now it’s clear it’s a universal desire.

Getting ready for a battle with the unemployment office, but have run into a snag – I can’t call the number from my out-of-state cell phone! Progress, eh? (He says while watching cows pass a motorcycle.)

Apparently, Boot Camp will also allow you to boot the Ubuntu install disc. The install wasn’t completed, so no word on whether the bootloader can actually find it afterwards. (I doubt it…but maybe there’s some way to point ELILO towards Boot Camp?)

Production meeting tonight @6…more later. đŸ™‚