5:30 am, and I’m back in NYC, back to sleepless and back from my mini-vacation. Got unpacked (well, tech and clothes) in a kind of manic race from 1-3 AM, tried to sleep, which lasted for all of an hour and a half, and now I’m killing time until 6:30, because I need to move my car. I could definitely deal without a parking ticket my first day here.

Still melancholy about leaving, although I am looking forward to this show, and my Wayside family has made this past week a wonderful chance to recharge. And the possibility of doing a musical theatre workshop this summer is getting me as excited as anything.

Dapper Flight 6 has landed, and I did a fresh install, which seemed to fix my lingering networking problems…until I tried installing network-manager-kde. Connection attempts hang before the WPA authentication can take place. Strangely, this happens both in network-manager and with wpa_supplicant on the command line, although there was no problem with wpa_supplicant before n-m was installed. I’ve got some digging to do. On the plus side, I noticed that the bcm43xx driver and softmac ieee80211 implementation were both included in kernel 2.6.17-rc1, which is great news. Hope they survive testing!

Newly moved to the top of my Netflix queue:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (releasing 4/25, and it’s about time!)
The Bob Newhart Show: Disc 1
Lost: Season 1
Superman: The Movie
Gilmore Girls: Season 1, which is all Malia’s fault…
And many other titles: with a colon in them.
Sorry: I sensed a theme
And decided: to capitalize on it.
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