Found at arstechnica

Don’t Copy That Floppy, an anti-video game piracy rap from the early 90’s. Yup. An anti-video game piracy rap. Think hard about that, before you click.

Meanwhile, slashdot has gone above and beyond with its April Fool’s content, with articles including “MONKEYS USE ROBOTS TO FLING POO!!! GROSS!!! 🙂 :)”, “OMG WIRELESS EXTENSION CORDS!!! LOL!!!” and “CUTE USB SUSHI DISK DRIVES!!!”, not to mention their site redesign, now with 200% more ponies.

And of course, there’s the usual Duke Nukem Forever reviews, the Blizzard/World of Warcraft gags, and a very well thought out SQL on Rails parody.

No more April Fool’s, now. My head already hurts.