An actual day of down-time…who’da thunk?

In the West Wing episode “Evidence Of Things Not Seen”, Will mentions “”, and, being a curious sort, I pulled it up in Konqueror…imagine my surprise when I found that it points to the home page of UPN’s Veronica Mars. No, I’m really, really not making that up.

Got Fedora Core 5 up and installed today. The best looking GNOME implementation I’ve seen, but sound is broken (although I think this is a GStreamer 0.10 problem), ate the permissions on my /home directory, and still doesn’t give me the option to not overwrite my bootloader. Blah. Oh well, I need something to play with until OpenSUSE 10.1 goes final.

Oh, and I finally found the little button that lets me edit the code on this blog…it’s an issue with the current version of Safari, but it’s fixed in WebKit SVN…unfortunately, that one has a bug with tabbing through links. Strangely enough, Konqueror (which is also built on KHTML) shows it, and the (apparently leaked) Firefox 2.0 alpha works fine…oh well, more excuses to run prerelease software!