Few moments before I leave for tonight’s auditions. Last night was fairly interesting in that one of the last groups contained an actress who I went to college with, and haven’t seen since graduation! This little bit of happy counteracted the fact that the keyboard and amplifier were having massive problems…hopefully tonight will go a lot smoother on that end. We did see good folks, however, which makes all of that worthwhile.

Managed to blast my Gentoo install a couple nights ago (lesson learned…make sure, if you have to stop during an emerge –update, that you’ve at least gotten through the basic networking packages…eeep!). I’m actually going to try to throw on the latest OpenSUSE beta just for the hell of it before putting Gentoo back on. Also need to get wpa_supplicant working in Kubuntu, but that shoudn’t be hard.

Finally, a little tip of the hat to Flintlocke’s Guide To Azeroth, a little World of Warcraft comic that gives me joy quite often, especially when Flintlocke decides to pull out his animal powered weapons. Nothing, though, could quite prepare me for the awesome and disturbing spectacle that is the Beaverstick.

With that image firmly in mind, I’m off to auditions.