Few leftover bits of fun as the weekend winds down:

The top 100 video games of all time, as voted by Japanese gamers. I’m a little disappointed to see Final Fantasy IX only reach #24 (not to mention the original FF buried all the way back at #63), but am quite relieved to see that Boong-Ga Boong-Ga did not make this list. There is hope yet for the world.

Microsoft has managed to create one of the silliest marketing possibilities yet. As it stands, Windows Vista Ultimate (no, really, that name is not the punch line of this article!) will include Virtual PC Express, which allows you to run a second copy of Windows in a virtual machine. However, Ultimate does not include a license for the second copy of Windows, so one must purchase a license for said second copy. Am I the only one picturing some poor schmuck realizing this and running out to purchase a second copy of Vista, then realizing that he gets another copy of VPC, and needs an OS for that, and so on until his life becomes one of those infinite recursion pictures? These are the things that tear holes in the space-time continuum, I’m sure.
(Arstechnica has the actual details, which are, believe it or not, more confusing than my explanation.)

The Red Box was reviewed quite positively by BroadwayWorld.com.

And the National Theatre of Scotland has a page up for Neil Gaiman’s The Wolves in the Walls, which I fervently hope comes to the US (and even more fervently hope that I get to work on a production!) I just love the tag line – “NTS creates a magical experience for everyone over 7 who’s not a scaredy cat.” 🙂

And with that, I’m gonna get ready for a show and then hop a train! Again, I’ll be in NY until Thursday morning, so if you’re looking for me in Virginia, it may be difficult.