After a little bootloader terror, Gentoo 2006.0 is up, booting and playing nice with the Internet (had to grab the bcm43xx driver source in Kubuntu, then copy it over and emerge it, but that’s what a shared /home is for!). Playing with GNOME 2.12, partially because the packages disc didn’t include part of kdebase (whoops!), but also because the little voice from the Nokia 770 whispering “Buy me…”. I know, I know, wait for the Origami thingy. But my first question about it is going to be “How can I put Linux on this?”.

Unfortunately, now that Kubuntu and Gentoo are both up and (semi-)stable, I’m finding myself without a testing partition! This is a new problem… 🙂

In other news, I suck quite terribly for not including my roommate’s blog on this page sooner. This has been corrected, and severe canings were applied, in order to prevent a recurrence.