Finally finished downloading the FC5 Test 3 .iso, and spent some time getting it up and running (well, after erasing a DVD-RW and burning the thing…at 1x…so is it really multitasking when one of the tasks is sitting and watching a progress bar?). Certainly not quite ready for prime time, but an interesting trip so far. Couple of complaints, tho:

1. Would have loved some kind of “confirm” screen after setting up partitioning. Something along the lines of “You are going to create partition xxxx/You are about to format partition xxxx, do you want to proceed?”. Probably just me being paranoid, but by the time I got to the “start install” step, the partition screen was so far back it would have taken a lot of effort to double-check.

2. Noticed during the installation process (with its wonderful, informative progress bar…loved that!) that even though I had set it to install KDE and removed all of the GNOME apps, a lot of GNOME/GTK+ related stuff was installed, much more than I remember being a part of Kubuntu. And while we’re on that subject, I would love it if unchecking a desktop environment would also de-select its apps…wasted a lot of time pulling GNOME apps out of each section.

3. X crankiness. On first boot, resolution was set way low, and when I tried to change the resolution, it scrambled the display with no (visible) way of getting it back. Hope that’s not still there when I reboot. Did not have this problem with Dapper Flight-4…then again, I also have no audio in Dapper…*sigh*

4. Bootloader install. Found no option to not install the bootloader and keep my current, and I have not found (in any of the distros I’ve used) an option to just append the new OS’s information to yaboot.conf, rather than installing over it. I’m sure this would be some massive technical headache to implement, but man, would it save a lot of time. I change my ‘testing’ Linux install often enough that this is annoying.

So that’s the story at this moment…haven’t tried to get wireless working and really dig around, but so far I’m a touch disappointed. Not disappointed enough to quit poking at it, tho… 🙂